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This game was made based on FIRST Robotics Competition's 2018 season, Power Up. (About Power Up).

Collect Power Cubes, climb, and use power-ups to advance in the game and defeat The Boss! Players who participated in FIRST Power Up will recognize several concepts and mechanics, and a good amount of the graphics were replicated from the official teasers from before the season started to look similar to the official game.

As of now, there is one world in the game with five levels and a bossfight. I plan to make at least three more worlds in the final version, and to include the remaining two power-ups seen in the robotics competition.

This is an unofficial game with no involvement from FIRST, and if they request that this game be taken down, I will do so.

Install instructions

To run the game, just extract the .zip file and run the executable in it. Make sure both files in the .zip file are in the same folder.


PowerUp.zip 1 MB

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